Although road traffic accidents are a major global public health problem, most of it occurs in low- and middle-income countries including Ethiopia. Pedestrians and passengers of commercial vehicles are the most vulnerable in Ethiopia, whereas in high-income countries crashes involve primarily privately owned vehicles with the driver being the main car occupant injured or killed.


Road traffic accident is a serious problem in Ethiopia, and most of East Africa. According to Ethiopian Federal Police, there were 15,034 road accidents in 2021, with 4,161 people dead. The World Health Organization reports that Ethiopia is amongst the highest road traffic accident nations in the world. The loss of lives and property has enormous socio-economic impact on the nation.


MG eSolutions has developed a traffic accident management system, which is currently running in Addis Abeba. Efforts are underway to scale up the system in an effort to strengthen the overall traffic management and accident reduction goals of the government.


The reduction of death and property destruction from the road accidents has enormous socio-economic benefit for the nation.